Welcome to Okavango Air Rescue (OAR)

Okavango Air Rescue is a private company, inspired by the Swiss Rescue Service "REGA" www.rega.ch who originally established the Patronage system. This created a steady flow of income, for the service to remain airborne. OAR is based in Maun and transports medical assistance to its Patrons by Helicopter in the event of a medical emergency. Professional staff on board will treat and stabilize you at the scene of the accident or incident. Patrons will then be flown to the nearest appropriate location or medical facility from where further arrangements will be made.

Okavango Air Rescue complements existing road and air ambulance services operating in Botswana.

Our current radius of operation is Northern Botswana and the Central Kalahari.

Please note, if you are travelling with an International Satellite Phone, you will not be able to dial 995 directly, as this is a Short Code emergency number within Botswana only. In this case, please dial:  00267 686 15 06  from where your call will automatically be switched through to our Emergency Call Centre.

OAR is a private organization financed by the annual contributions of its Patrons. Each contribution entitles its Patrons, travelling within OAR's range of operation, to one free, medically necessitated air rescue per year. The contribution is not an insurance premium, but is a payment that assists to keep the Helicopter airborne.

Additional funds will be sourced by Okavango Air Rescue, by invoice, from a Patron’s insurance company directly after a medically necessitated rescue is complete. A Patron will not be required to make any personal payment related to this invoice. Annual Patronage contributions, including VAT, are as follows:

Anyone is welcome to make a contribution in excess of the predetermined minimal Patronage fee. All additional funds received by Okavango Air Rescue in this way will be used to facilitate free rescues for destitute people in need of emergency assistance.

To keep our service airborne join us and become a Patron of Okavango Air Rescue now.

Our equipment is purchased and supplied for use in the Rescue Helicopter. As is the case with all such equipment there are design limits; the carrying capacity of the stretcher is limited to a maximum of 120kg, whilst the Helicopter itself also has restrictions with regards to space and weight. Consequently, should a patron who exceeds this weight require a medically necessitated rescue, Okavango Air Rescue will fly to and attend to the patient on the ground. Medical staff will offload the medical equipment from the Helicopter and will stay with the patient, treat and stabilise him or her whilst arrangements are made to move the patient by other means.

Please note, Okavango Air Rescue reserves the right to accept or reject a Patron's application. For example a Patron, who, through false pretence has instigated a rescue flight, will have his Patronage card rescinded and will not be allowed to join again.

In case of dispute the country of jurisdiction is Botswana.

Only through you we can fly!

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