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Patron's Registration Form

Please note, Pula 175.00 equals approximately US$ 16.00 as of May 2016

Please avoid using your own alphabet, as the credit card security system cannot read "umlauts, accents etc.", provide all details required in plain English writing.

Title: Mr.          Mrs.           Ms.
First Name: Family Name:
Date of birth:  (Day/Month/Year) Nationality:
Are you a: Citizen Resident Tourist
Required minimum amount:

Patronage Validity

Start Date: Expire Date: Total Pula: Patrons:
Please Note:

Most Master Cards have a security setting that does not allow them to operate in Africa.
If your Master Card does not work, please ask for the settings to be cleared or alternatively use a Visa Card.

The patronage is valid for 12 months and starts on the day of your payment.
Remember, we will only fly for Patrons and Patroage is neither transferable, nor refundable.

Thank you for becoming a Patron of Okavango Air Rescue

Only through you we can fly!